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Concrete conservation actions

Here are presented all the concrete conservation actions which will take place in the four case study sites in Crete, Chryssi, Elafonissi, Farlassarna and Gavdos, to conserve the habitat. They will take place starting from 2010 and consist of concrete conservation actions, such as waste removal, fore dune stabilization, visitor management interventions sign installations etc, which will have been agreed following stakeholder consultation. To find out the details of each envisaged action press on the links.

C. Concrete conservation actions:
C1. On site habitat demarcation
C2. Waste removal
C3. Enhancement of juniper regeneration
C4. Restoration of the floristic composition and structure of the target habitat 2250*
C5. Fore dune stabilization through vegetation restoration
C6. Visitor management intervention and infrastructures
C7. Design and installation of Signs
C8. Ex situ conservation and propagation of keystone species