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Expected Results

The results expected by the end of the project are on two levels: National and in Crete.

National level: The expected results on a national level are the establishment and the communication of a knowledge base on:

  • The dune system plant communities and Juniperus population composition and structure
  • The effect of anthropogenic threats on the habitat’s ecological conditions
  • Effective participation and governance methods for habitat conservation
  • Effective monitoring and conservation methods through the elaboration of habitat protection and restoration guidelines and monitoring protocols.

In Crete: The expected results in Crete are the improved conservation status of the habitats and halting of threats through a series of actions which will result in the following:

  • Mapped, demarcated, cleaned, and protected from fire risks Cretan habitats
  • Enhanced regeneration of the Juniperus species in all Cretan habitats
  • In situ and ex situ conservation of Juniperus and habitat keystone species
  • Primary/front dune zone restoration of all habitats
  • Minimization of threats and negative impacts on all habitats.

Additionally, the long term sustainability of the project results will be ensured through the creation of European, National and local networks, as well as after LIFE conservation and communication plans. For a detailed brakedown of project milestones and deliverables click on the associated links

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