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Preparatory actions

Here you will find the list and description of the preparatory actions which will be carried out during the first 15 months of JUNICOAST in order to obtain the necessary scientific knowledge base required to design appropriate conservation measures as well as the consultation procedure which will ensure their long term sustainability.

Actions A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or action plans:
A1. Landform and land degradation processes in dune systems - completed
A2. Determining the dune system plant communities’ composition and structure- completed
A3. Composition and structure of Juniperus populations- completed
A4. Habitat mapping - completed
A5. Visitor impact assessment - completed
A6. Stakeholder consultation - completed
A7. Elaboration of long term monitoring protocols and selection of indicators - completed
A8. Elaboration of target habitat protection and restoration specifications - completed
A9. Determination of the Governance structure and legal status - completed