Coastal dunes with Juniperus spp. are classified as priority habitat (code 2250*) by the "Habitats Directive".
They occur on the coasts of Southern and Western Europe. This rare and beautiful habitat features sparse junipers that are prostrate or erect depending on wind action and the adverse conditions typical of sand dunes.

In Greece this habitat is under threat from factors such as restricted natural regeneration, tourism, lack of public awareness, solid waste disposal, fire, wood cutting, grazing and browsing.

In view of this, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Regional Development Fund of Crete (PTA) and the Decentralised Administration of Crete (Forest Directorates of Chania and Lasithi) are implementing the LIFE+ Nature project “Actions for the conservation of coastal dunes with Juniperus spp. in Crete and the South Aegean (Greece)”, JUNICOAST.

Coordinating Beneficiary: MAICh
Total Budget: 1.501.210 €
EC financial contribution (75%): 1.125.908 €
Beneficiaries own financial contribucion: 375.303 €
Project duration: 56 months (01/01/2009 – 31/08/2013)